How To Handle Rejections

Who said that any kind of selling was easy? But it all comes down to attitude. If you can understand that a rejection of the opportunity that you are so excited about is not a rejection of you as a person, then you are on your way. “No” must be interpreted as “next”. This is easier said than done but it’s the price of success. The Internet and other new technologies now allow some rejection proof approaches, such as using lead capture pages and autoresponder messages. These methods serve to “pre-qualify” your prospects. However, there still must come a time when you will have to be in personal contact with your downline members.

Part of preparing your mind for these ‘negative’ people is to fill your mind with positive messages. There are many Network Marketing and “positive thinking” speakers that will help you keep your spirits up. You will be surprised to discover the boost that motivational tapes and books can give to your attitude in general. This is one of the benefits of being in this industry–it teaches you to have a brighter outlook on life.

Being an Entrepreneur is advanced citizenship, you have to want it real bad.  Being an entrepreneur, has great appeal and allure, but behind that allure comes a sacrifice and commitment to the things you want.  If you want to live your life by your design, you must be willing to take daily consistent action towards your goal.  There is a wonderful story that relates to being an entrepreneur:

In the late 1840’s during the great American gold rush, a young man caught the fever for gold.  He so desperately wanted to strike it rich, and leave the world of poverty behind.  He sold all his belongings, and headed west.  With all the money he had to his name, he purchased a plot of ground, and all the equipment necessary to dig for gold.

Weeks, turned into months, and months turned into one year.  Through all the digging, all the long nights, he produced nothing.  He went into to see if he could borrow money.  A man, did lend the young man some money.  He said to himself, this is it, I will give it one more shot.  He went back to his land, worked, worked, and worked some more.  After an additional three months of blood sweat and tears, he decided to give up!  He went back into town dejected.  Sold all of his equipment and land to the man that lent him money.  He took the little money remaining and went home.

After the young man had left, the gentleman put together 2 of his best men and himself, on the ground to dig.  Within, one hour they struck gold!!  Literally 5 feet worth of digging, they found millions and millions of dollars in gold!!

The first man, unfortunately is like a lot of entrepreneurs today.  You must understand, just because you are present in your business, work, does not guarantee you will have the result when you want it!  Most entrepreneurs, STOP five feet from gold.  An entrepreneur, needs to have laser focus.  No matter the circumstance or outcome, your belief, your passion, your action will take you to where you want to be!

You cannot be a part-time entrepreneur.  Just like in the movie Wall Street, when the fund manager says to the character Bud Fox, “You can’t be a little bit pregnant son.”  That is being an entrepreneur.  You either are or you’re not.  You can’t be a little bit of an entrepreneur.  So what do you want to be?

To achieve the success you crave, you have to have three key elements as a Home Based Business Entrepreneur.  First you have to develop your “WHY”.  Second, you must have a system.  Third, you have to commit to the power of duplication.  Let’s take number 1, your “WHY”.  The fact is, it is very easy to have passion and motivation when everything in life and in business is good.  Why wouldn’t you be.  However once you develop your “WHY”, the core reason you are building a business, you make it real, tangible, and emotional, you will create lasting motivation.  See your “WHY” will get you through the bad times, the tough times.  When the world is telling you to give up, your “WHY” keeps you moving forward.  Your “WHY” in life will allow you to understand why you are working so hard, and the goal you NEED to achieve regardless of time and place.

Second is a system.  Systems Work and People Fail, it is that simple.  We have the greatest example of the most powerful system in the world, McDonalds.  You can go anywhere in the world, and go into a McDonalds, and it will look, smell, taste, and feel the same.  Let’s say for example, you decided to purchase a franchise for the $3,000,000.00+.  The day you are to open you decide to opt out of the advertising, tear down the golden arches, and call it Bob’s Hamburgers.  Would you do that?  NO WAY, why?  Cause the system works.  You will never drive anywhere in the world and see a boarded up McDonalds Restaurant.  Why?  The system, the brand, and the powerful duplication of the franchise almost guarantees success.  Systems Work!!

Duplication.  Duplication is an art, as I described above.  It is if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  The power in business is for you to duplicate success, and then teach others, your fellow entrepreneurs to duplicate success.  If everyone can play “Follow the Leader”, those are the people that experience the most success online, period!!

Being an entrepreneur is advanced citizenship.  Are you ready for the commitment?  Are you ready to develop your lasting “WHY” and achieve your goals?  Are you ready to be a part of a system and duplication, that will allow for massive success?  If  it is yes to the above, then it is time to take action in your life, and your business!