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If you are looking for secrets to success, there is none. According to Arnold H. Glasgow success is doing what’s right, the right way, at the right time. Jim Rohn stated that success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.

You can consider yourself successful if you are free from financial burdens, have a successful marriage and healthy and happy children and you enjoy what you do for a living. You are a success each time you fulfilled your ambition and achieved your personal goals. And you can tell that you have succeeded when you feel a sense of accomplishment and triumph. With every success, you will increase your self esteem and self confidence.

Rules for Success No. 1 – Set Your Personal Goals

Begin your pathway to success by dreaming of what you want to have, do, become and experience in your life. Think of how much income you want to earn and what kind of lifestyle you want to live. Where do you want to go? What do you want to do and become? Who do you want to share your life with? How would you feel if you can achieve these dreams?

One of the first rules for success is to dream. Your dreams are the foundation of your goals. Write them down and set a deadline for each of your goal. Write down why you want to achieve these goals.

Rules for Success No. 2 – Plan and Prepare

Planning and preparation are important. Write your action plan and strategies for success. Break down the steps. Think of what you need to do. Identify your strengths and take not of your habits and behavior. Think of how you can capitalize your abilities. Determine what you need to acquire to improve your skills and expand your knowledge

Another one of the important rules for success is to find out what has not worked and not to repeat it. Try something new or different. If you have done something successfully, repeat it.

Rules for Success No. 3 – Challenge Self Limiting Beliefs

Your limiting beliefs are the cause of your fears. When there is fear, you cannot start or won’t finish what you started. You must challenge the self limiting beliefs and your fears.

You challenge them by identifying your core beliefs about yourself and your abilities and questioning their validity. At the same time, take action in spite of your fear and you will develop courage and self confidence.

Rules for Success No. 4 – Take Consistent Action

It takes one action and one step at a time to produce achieve success. Even a small action produces a consequence. With each action, your learning, experience and confidence will grow and you will gain strengths to overcome any challenge.

Develop self discipline by doing something each day even if you don’t feel like doing it. It will become a habit and you will no longer resist.

Rules for Success No. 5 – Think Positive

Avoid dwelling on negativity. Think positive and think of manifesting abundance. A change in your perception about your potential will help tremendously. Imagine, affirm and resolve to succeed. Remind yourself that what you have achieved in the past does not determine what you are capable of accomplishing now and in the future. Create an image of success and it will help build your confidence and esteem.

 There is no limit to what you can learn and master except by your own thinking. Once you decide what you want to have, there is every possibility of achieving it. All you have to do is sacrifice, put in the hard work and commit to learning and gathering knowledge and improving your skills.

 Rules for Success No. 7 – Choose Your Friends Wisely

 Another one of the rules for success it to associate with supportive people. They will inspire you and help you achieve your goals. Ask them questions and listen attentively because they will provide answers and clues. Emulate their outlook and habits.

 Rules for Success No. 8 – Put Your Heart and Soul

 Put your heart and soul into it. Create an overwhelming desire and focus your attention to materialize your dreams. When you concentrate on your goal, you can prevent negative thoughts and outside influence to sway you and divert your focus of attention.

 Rules for Success No. 9 – Track and Measure Results

 At the end of each day, each week and each month, track your progress. You must know what you have done to bring you closer to your goals or whether you are heading in the wrong direction.

 Rules for Success No. 10 – Persist and Persevere

 Never give up even if you don’t see much progress. If you persist and persevere and keep doing the right things consistently, you will succeed regardless of the challenges and difficulties. And with sheer determination, success will eventually knock on your door.

 Rules for Success No. 11 – Reward Yourself

 Accomplishing the goal that you have set is the ultimate reward. But remember to reward yourself each time you achieve your sub goals. These small rewards will encourage you to move on and motivate you to go for the big one.

 Rules for Success No. 12 – Set New Goals

Once you have achieve a goal, check it off and set a new goal. Don’t allow complacency to set in. As long as you have goals to move towards and follow these rules for success, you will continue to grow and succeed.

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